Saturday, March 30, 2013

Screwdriving Punch Drunk

In one word: DON'T. It may sound fun [and maybe dirty] but it will lead to trouble.

My cautionary fable starts late one night, no actually I was putting off homework one afternoon. [Damn, I wasn't even punch drunk] I was trying to change strings when I wondered what was under the pick guard. Having a screwdriver at hand proved to be dangerous, off went all the screws, including the ones holding the pick up in place.

Did you know there's a spring between the pick guard and the pick up? I did not, and it was a bitch getting it back together. So for nearly two weeks I had a bass I couldn't plug in. [That didn't really matter because of the state of the strings, but still not a smart idea.] Even my mom's Luke [Gilmore Girls reference] thought it would be impossible for one person to put it back together.

[This is a weapon of organized destruction.] 

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