Friday, July 18, 2014


I started out as a concert goer, and I'll die a concert goer. That's why I traveled eight hundred plus miles to spend the Fourth of July weekend in Milwaukee. Summerfest, do you see those dates? It spans almost two weeks, and has [pardon me while I fact check] damn, twelve stages.
The mornings are all local bands, and Milwaukee has a solid music scene. I didn't see one band that I would classify as a 'garage band' [who need to spend more time woodsheding].

It's in a fair sized park, but with the number of stages, I consonantly found myself being distracted by the band at the next stage over. This was worst during the headliners, when there are a minimum of three bands you want to see at the same time slot. The crowds [in number] were horrendous during the evenings, but [as people] they were the most amazing people ever.

[This is were I say I love you Midwest! If anyone would like to offer me a doctorate program/job/spouse, which would allow me to relocate, please let me know!]

I had my [wheel] chair with me, and running into metal footplates is not fun for anyone involved. The most common response is normally a death glare and a few expletives; here it was a "sorry" or "sorry, hey! Move out of the way!" Even when people didn't bother notice the fact I rammed into their calves, other people apologized for them.

The range of music here was pretty cool as well. I saw Ziggy Marley [Bob Marley's kid] I wasn't too excited about it, but I figured I'd see some respectful slapping for a change. That didn't happen, since there was a amp stack in the way, but it was an experience: On the way to the handicap section [which was the most awesome thing ever, seriously, go Summerfest!] I nailed this stoner with my footplate, and he promptly offered me his joint.

I've listened to Bob Marley's music before and it didn't float my boat, but it was awesome seeing so many people of different ethnic groups, religions, and ages, dancing and having a good time. [I saw an eighty year-old woman dance for an hour.] That was also the first concert I'd been to where the audience was the smoke machine.                        

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