Monday, July 14, 2014

Ace Ring

This is my ace ring. Sign of my sexuality [or utter lack there of, if you wish] and silly token that makes me smile; it's been along time coming and I happy to have it.

One of several superficial reasons I put off getting one is my playing. I'd heard from the internet [TB] that wearing a ring could get in the way of playing. For every person who claimed this, there seemed to be two people who called it BS. After getting the ring, I'm with the later [while I realize wearing a ring and playing is totally personal taste].

I did feel my ring digging into the back of Demon's neck as I hung him [a post on that will come] up, but this is oddly not an issue with Igor. Otherwise I feel like the ring helps with my playing in a way. The ring is a large by the sizing of the store I got it from, maybe it's because of this, or just the fact I'm not a custom to wearing rings, but it makes me spread out my fingers more.  

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