Wednesday, July 30, 2014

New Artists

For all my stage hopping at Summerfest one band notable piqued by interest. Moonrise Nation was another local-ish [Chicago based] playing relatively early in the day. They'd actually been opening for a band out of upstate New York, so I think that bumped them up the status list.

The band consist of two sisters, a friend, and some dude on drums I didn't get the connection of. Ever the fan of off beat [not the best use of words here] instruments, I found the cello was a lovely touch. Even with the distractions of Summerfest I hung out until the end of the set.

Even when I got home I found myself seeking out their music. After afew listens of their [entire] ep on youtube, I decided to be an honest listener and buy the CD. The problem was there was no CD, the official website told you to get it on itunes [and I don't do itunes]. Instead of saying "oh well, on with the internet piracy" I decided to contact the band. Trying to make an educated guess, I emailed the name under PR. Must of been the right person [makes sense since PR stands for public relations] because I got a email stating that the ep was available on Amazon, and in physical CD!!! Now to rake up $35 wroth of Amazon goods...     

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