Thursday, July 17, 2014

Battle of Apps

I got a smartphone, and along with the joy that comes with being able to carry the internet anywhere without fear of being struck by lightening; I have unleashed the fury that is musical apps. [It's wildly underwhelming.]

First thing first, guitar related apps that don't work with basses are the majority. While it is nice to be able to tune both Lula [the acoustic] and Demon [the electric] with the same device; I wish I could use the same app with my basses without having to pay.

The apps that are bass related wreak havoc with my dyslexia. None of them have a flip over/left handed option, so whether or not they make sense depends on the day and my mindset. Most involve the entire fretboard and scales. There is one that teaches you the tabs for loads of songs. [My disgust of tabs hit the wall when I found the Addams Family theme.] I do really enjoy the guitar game that is Guess-the-Chord, but sadly, there's no bass version of it. [No, I have no idea what it would do.]    


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