Monday, January 20, 2014

Thumbs up for Sweetwater.

I ordered my Christmas gifts to myself from Sweetwater since didn't offer wall hangers. Since Amazon upped it's free shipping line, there was no point in ordering from there. I had heard good things from TB on [mainly something about candy] and the no tax or shipping pulled the trigger for me.

Days after ordering I got a call asking if I'd looked over the order form they e-mailed. [This was a real live person]. I will admit, I was a little peeved that it had been a few days and my stuff hadn't been shipped, but it arrived a couple of days later. The stuff was what I ordered arrived undamaged and there was candy.

Honestly this company had me decent prices and free shipping, the lack of tax and candy were an awesome bonus. If human contact is your thing [I'm showing my generation aren't I?] utilize this company.        

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