Friday, January 17, 2014

Music and Dyslexia

If children's program is to be believed music is a dyslexic person's good friend. Maybe it's because my hearing sucks, but I find this to be total bull [most notably when sheet music gets involved]. I decided to transcribe some sheet music I printed out ages ago.

The music was Mary Had a Little Lamb, and to transcribe it I just wrote the letter note over the actual note. The sheet music tells you the first note, but I decided to double check that the notes went they way I thought they would, and turns out they do not. I also learned that just because note x [there is no musical note x] is one the third line on the treble clef doesn't mean it will be the same note will be on the bass clef. The lines also wrecked havoc on my dyslexia as I mistook one line for another [in pen of course].        

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