Monday, January 27, 2014

Boomer Review

Like I said before I've been eyeing these strings for awhile but my experience with the rotos put me off rounds for a time. [Feel like cheese graders they did.] The thread on these strings are red like the rotos but the strings deferentially feel different. I'm pretty sure the thickness of the rounds [I'm trying to say the space between the top of the rounds to the core of the string] is less on the Boomers then they were on the rotos.

The Boomers are easier on my fingertips, they still make my fingers sore after a time, but it takes three times longer then the rotos. The sound is much more like a bass guitar [the rotos sounded like a piano] actually the GHS review of 'sounds like Pressurewounds when broken in. I haven't broken in the Boomers yet, but they are snappier in sound [without being annoying].     

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