Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Holy HeadphonesI

Where has thou been all my life? I'm in love, utter love. I can feel the bass in the connecting piece between the two ear thingies [I am so knowledgeable about these headphones it's ridiculous]. I bought them to go with my amp since they have the adapter for the wonky sized headphone jack. Come to find out, I never needed it.

In all honesty, it took awhile for the phones to get to the amp. [Remember the awesome speakers on my new computer, yeah not so awesome now.] Not surprisingly pop music that I was kinda 'meh' about is horrendous with headphones [I pity that sound engineers that listen to this stuff like this for a living]. The stuff from the 70s that I love sound even more stellar, and I finally listened to Abbey Road, and caught every nuance. I was so impressed that I than listened to Dark Side of the Moon at 1 AM [I would not recommend doing that].    

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