Thursday, January 23, 2014

Humming a tune

I've been plateauing and with chords just out of reach I need to move on to songs. As I was realizing this I was walking into my bedroom and the harmonica caught my eye. I love blues and southern music and have been tinkering with the harmonica for ages, but its acoustic volume has restricted when I could play it. Once I looked up how to play a harmonica on Youtube and the beginner's first lesson was how to play my favorite hymn Wade in the Water.

I hummed this tune and deconstructed it in my head. I could see the whole and half notes imprinting on my mind's eye, but it took me minutes figure out if a note was higher or lower than the note before it [and forget knowing how the note compared to the note, two notes before that one]. I guess that's just my audio processing delays at work.  

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