Friday, January 3, 2014

My Base

The day after my last final I awoke with the feeling of depression hit me like a mack truck. I'm sure it was just the winter blues, plus having nothing I had to do. I grabbed the closest necked instrument [which happened to be Demon] and tried to play it away. I can only feel Demon's vibrations in my fretting hand when I'm playing the tiny strings [so my hand is cupped over the fretboard] and it just doesn't do it for me when I'm depressed.

I knew this feeling [or rather lack there of] was going to stick around if I didn't actively do something, so switched were my instruments are stored. Igor got the in my face place of the guitar stand [and they've been agreeing thus far] New Guy [yup I'm still calling him that] is in the gig bag and Demon is sitting nicely on the top bunk.

No matter how low I get the low end will rattled me out of a funk [god the irony and puniness possible with low end metaphors and this situation]. No matter what the bass will always be my first love, and base. 

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