Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Misgiving Songs

I tried to work on I Love Rock & Roll, and I'm learning that the book's tabs are actually on spot. The song goes something like EE, AA, BB [in the first phrase]. This song seems so easy, but it's hard to play at the standards I have.

I don't care about timing [the metronome is still MIA] so much as hitting the right note clearly. All these notes are on the 7th fret, and the trick is being able to bounce from one string to another and than jumping over a string smoothly, while muting the others takes some thought. I've been using the floating thumb technique to mute the strings, and that just doesn't work here, It took me a couple go rounds, until I figured out how to mute while playing the E [top of the fretboard] string. If the G string was string #1 the riff would go #3, #2, #4 and I can mute the other strings with my index finger if I'm fretting with my middle finger [on your fretting hand].     

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