Friday, January 10, 2014

Demon's Neck

Not surprisingly Demon's neck is from hell. With Igor down until I get some new batteries [I really should stockpile D-Volts] I decided to play around with the guitar. After tuning him I was ready to get down to business,when I fretted a note while still in tuner mode [on my amp].
Close enough!

The tuner said that note was deeply in the red [it should be green, or less red and more green] so I tested all the strings to see if the neck need adjusting. The e [That's for little E] string was on point until the 14th fret, which is pretty standard compared to Igor; but every other string was in deep red at the first fret. My gut told me there was an issue with intonation, Micheal agreed with me, but also let me know that it might just be a cheap neck.       

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