Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Within my Stocking

I got a handful of metal CDs for Christmas:

The Door's Waiting for the Sun: I really [really] like it. There's a level of nostalgia when I listen to it. [I can't believe I'm typing this for the whole internet.] It reminds me of my middle school years when I listened to too much Evanescence. There's a creepy aspect to The Door's music that I found similar Evanescence, and I have to say I still find it appealing.

Black Sabbath's Paranoid: This record is getting the most play of all the CDs. I picked it out because of Iron Man, but I have to say that song is now at the lower end of my favorite Black Sabbath songs. I need to figure out how to make Fairies Wear Boots into a Halloween costume.

Korn's Follow the Leader: This would be the least played album. I bought this CD because I'm a fan of Love and Death, and as of right now I'm not bowled over. It may get better when the other CDs lose their luster.

Megadeath's Rust in Peace: This album has an odd spot in my mind, I know the able well because of streaming sites, and I decided to get it in a better format. I only listened to it part of the way through, but I don't regret getting it.       

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