Saturday, January 11, 2014

Word Are Not Enough

Thank to my Headphones I can pick up details and nuances that I never noticed before, in other words I can actually tell what Igor's knobs do. Igor has four knobs, in an almost square configuration on Igor's body. The top one controls volume, and the bottom is is pre-amp which controls the pick up balance. [Okay, it's more of a diamond shape.]The forward knob controls the neck pick up which has this rich, bouncy, tone. [I think it's kinda like a P-bass, but I've never handled a P-bass to know.] The farther knob has a more, zinging sound.

Words just don't work when trying to describe tone. Beyond the fact that tone is subjective [what one person will call thumpy, another would call muddy] words just don't seem to do the sounds justice. Honestly I think hand signals are much more accurate, since that's where the balk of the tone comes from [I'll write more on this later].          

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