Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Grooving Ticker

I was impressed by this interview with Carol Kaye, one of the major takeaways for me was when she talked about working on her tempo.

Every single bass resource I've found talked about working on timing, it was just straight forward playing with a metronome. [Playing on, before, or right after the tick.] When I first got my metronome I would play to every other beat on 40bpm, because everyone seemed to stress the importance of getting something right at a slower speed, but that was as fancy as I got.

In the interview Ms. Kaye said she worked on her timing by making the metronome groove with her. I'm not gonna lie, this totally blew my mind. I never thought a human could make a machine appear to have soul [and I have to say pulling it off myself was a blast].

At first I thought it would work by me playing two beats before the Ticker got it's chirp in, but it wasn't about thinking and anticipating [like I was doing with the common 'play with the beat']. It only worked if I just chilled out and played. It went like [me, it, me me, it] I had a blast pulling it off, but this nagging voice in my head is telling me this isn't gonna work.            

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