Monday, January 6, 2014

Hail Coral Kaye

Go view this on Youtube, go find the full interview and be amazed by the wealth of knowledge within this woman. When I started playing bass this lady's was the first to come up, I saw how many times she came out of retirement [said cool] and went on my way.

After discovering that I really enjoyed her tone I decided to spend a weekend looking her up on Youtube. Found this interview and [holy shit!] I don't know where to start. [Actually I do]: She's been doing studio work longer then the Beatles! [When the Beatles started doing their thing...] I couldn't believe it, I mean look at her! But I suppose it's a testament to how drugs will age a person.

Her influences predate Rock & Roll, and Fender's popularity, and she grew up in LA. I never realized how I grew up [musically] with British Music on my right, Appalachia music cradling me on my left, and whatever coming out of Toronto. It seemed like Ms. Kaye couldn't go fifteen minutes without bringing up Rumba or other Latin influences. She also calls out the utterly simplicity of punk and rock music, and openly admits that she doesn't understand all the hubbub about Fender [On this interview she plays Ibanez!!!].    

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