Thursday, July 31, 2014

Dog Days

I have a problem [honestly I have several problems with my bass playing] that needs to be addressed: I only bother to write down my riffs when they are inspired by dogs.  

This lovely pup is Fable, and when she comes to greet you she brings so much joy. It seems to be a crime to at least try and capture her movements the best [by best, I mean most fun] way I know how.  

This would normally where I'd end this post, and totally forget about this riff as I move on to whatever gets my attention, but Fable's owner had to go and ask for a recording of the song I was working on. [Okay I called it a song first.] That means I had to rediscover other instruments I own, work with other people, and actually record myself for the first time in ages. It's so annoying having other people making me move forward, when I've clearly plateaued and unintentionally help me without being asked. [I really need to open up and let people in.]    

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