Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The Genre Breakers

[Since I'm clearly losing my momentum with this blog writing thing, I might as well break from my much delayed timeline and write the post I bugged other people about.] [Finally publishing after six months. Hahahah....] 

I went to Warped Tour for the first time ever this year, and it was a feast for the blog making. I went with my main concert going buddies [meaning that they drive me, I manage to ditch them, and met back up when it's time to go home without any hard feelings] but since Warped Tour is not the place to wander aimlessly alone, I stuck with them, and I'm glad I did.

I love my best friend since she'll stop for bands I'd never bat an eyelash at; and she's totally fine with me muttering in her ear about the bass on stage. The first time she did this at Warped Tour was at a this neat little bread trucking looking/not camper thing that was plastered with the brand of guitar strings I buy. This bazaar-o truck had a pop out stage. The cause of my friend's attention what that the band on the stage had horns. The part that made me right a post about it, is the fact that the bassist was playing a sixer like a true metal bassist.
I'm in the obnoxious yellow hat. 

I've only read about six string basses on TB, never have I seen one played live; much less used well [actually using all the strings, and playing it as a bass, not just a large guitar]. So to clear this up, the band had a metal bassist and a horn section, thus a total genre break, which happened to totally work. This is why I love music.

After the show I was so impressed that contacted the band via Twitter, and they were more then willing to answer some questions. [This is were I admit that I'm writing this to appease my guilt for taking six months to write this, yes I'm writing this off a six month old memory.] Two things really stood out to me about my conversation with the bassist: He played one of the cheapest sixers out there, and I [who have seen a few concerts in my day] had no idea. It sounded great, and it's clearly connected to his skill as a bassist. The second item is that he was ashamed that he was playing a low grade instrument, yet as I said before he could rock it like any high end bass.    

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