Friday, February 7, 2014

Hitting Things are Fun

At my last doctor's appointment the physician got on me about doing some form of exercise. Since I refuse to work out for the sake of working out I decided to hit up the drummer in the family.  It took him awhile to find the throne [no really, that's the real name for the seat] but once he did it was fun.
Add about six more Toms.
The drum kit is modeled after some kit Neal Pert had [probably in the 70s] and my uncle swears it was used by some famous Scandinavian band. He's got about five inches on me, so I had to reach abit to use the kit, but it was good.

I love toms, they are like the bass in drum form, [but not like the bass/kick drum, in some way]. The expensive pedal on the bass drum [chain drive] was amazing for my range of motion on my right ankle, when it was all said and done I was sweaty, but I didn't feel gross about it. When I finished I felt that muscles sore high that was awesome.    

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