Monday, September 24, 2012

My Not Counter Weight

Husky not included
I've found that being clueless is a double edged sword. On one side you have no one to help you go shopping, on the other end you have no one to tell you ibanez apparently has a shit reputation.

Before I did any research I set my budget at $300. I'm a college student and I only wanted something to learn on, maybe play at Mass, and since when has God cared about the quality of an instrument? Upon research I found my budget to be in an odd spot, for $350 I could a above bottom line bass, but that was more then I was willing to pay. That left me with $100 no-name china made model [Don't do it, just don't. I read reviews saying people were cutting themselves on the frets. Don't throw money away on shit, at lease invest in something you can sell for $50 if you don't stick with it.] or a couple ibanezs.

I wanted a bass, something that could roar, and if plugged into the right amp would frighten small children, thus no guitar sized neck for me. [Bass guitars started out as just tuned down guitars in the 60s, over time the neck lengthened and the sound got deeper. (Strings also play a part in the sound also, but more on that later)] The GRS200 really stood out to me for the for the two reasons, it was only $250 retail, and considering what it was, it had good reviews.

I've had my bass for ten months come Oct third and I got it due mainly to two reviews. The first guy said he played professionally, had found this guitar at a pawn shop ten years before and it was his go to for playing around the house. The second guy had gotten his bass just a year before the review, and in that time managed to drop it down a flight of steps. The finish was cracked but it was totally playable.

In the ten months I've come to agree with alot with the reviewers. The pick-ups are shit, I still don't know which one does what, but one can turn off the sound. That said it's great if you don't want to jazz or blues, or if you're like me and picking one style is like picking your favorite song [or way to eat chocolate, or child] Also another complaint was the small neck, any fellow small handed people beware it's true. At less then five foot two I didn't think I'd have an issue, but it can be a pain for long playing.

My final advice for buying a bass is this: BUY USED!!! It's cheaper [dirt cheap if you buy southpaw, seriously no one buys it] and every dent your guitar will ever accurate was a result of the previous owner.                  

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