Saturday, September 22, 2012

Why does Toys "R" Us not have Basses???

Genes simply put. That's why I love music, my uncle is a basement drummer and my mom has been his roadie forever.  Rush and Bon Jovi were my lullabies, I was always pounding on the piano, tripping over the dulcimer case, and digging though the piles of recorders, pennywhistles and harmonicas that filled half the crannies in my house. My mother started dragging me to concerts when I was four, that was the year my uncle got me a mini drum set; the year after that I got a keyboard and the next year I got a child sized guitar. Funny thing is I only remember asking for the keyboard, I didn't give a shit about the concerts until I was eleven. [Thank you Mom for putting up with my horrid bratty-ness during that time!]

I've never been musically talented, but I remember the first concert that truly blew me away it was Relient K at Creation East 2004*. [My mom switched over to christian music when I started listening to lyrics; thank you Bon Jovi for teaching me I was 'just born to die'.] Ironically I had a great view of bass player and was in awe of the crap they had on stage, and actually used.

Despite dreaming about bass players, always finding the bass player the cutest and nicest person in bands; it never hit me to get a guitar until I had a conversation with Mama Hood. Mama Hood is probably the second coolest mother ever, she is a mother of seven and a fan of measles cars.  One day she was telling me how one of her sons had begun to pick up the guitar and asked if I had ever considered playing. I began to mumble my main excuse: guitars have six strings and I only have four fingers. She pointed out basses only had four strings.

That was the seed, I spent the next three years researching and thinking. Finally at Creation 2010 I came to the breaking point. I was on the rail for Superchick and was super excited, they hadn't played the year before, and the year before that they had had they're set cut horribly short. When the band came on stage to set up they totally ignored the yelling crowd and soon all fell quiet. I mustered up all the courage and yelled "We missed you guys last year!" The guy I thought was the bass player stopped what he was doing, walked to the edge of the stage looked around and quietly said "We missed you guys too."   That was it, my year was made and if so many bass players could be so awesome why couldn't I be that too? [Upon fact checking I realized he was actually the guitarist but that is now irreverent.]

For my seventeenth birthday I went to the local guitar center and held a bass for the first time. I felt like the clueless moron I was until I strummed the bass. I could control thunder. I started budgeting and could afford the bass I wanted by christmas. Than I had the opportunity to go Spain, if I pinched every penny, so...

The bass got put on hold.

*This is only memory the year could totally be 05, I'm not sure.   

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