Monday, December 24, 2012

This One is for the Ladies

Or guys to keep their nails long.                      

Do you love super long nails like this?
Do you also love playing bass?

 You are going to have to choose.

Yeah it's just not going to happen.

Case and point: today I picked up my bass after afew days of a dry spell. Something felt off, more painful; my nails were snagging on the strings. I don't play in super long nails, hell my nails were two millimeters long [I measured them with a pick; those things are good for something].

So Ladies, [and possible Gents] keep your nails short, I've heard tales of women ripping their nails on the strings and that's not fun in any way.

But fear not!
You can still paint your nail!
Isn't this cute?
And it looks totally playable! 

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