Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Awesome that is

If you've come across this page looking for something bass [not fish] related you've probably already come across links for If you've come here by googleing something else [like how am I the third result for 'southpaw Paul McCartney'?!] let me tell you want an awesome place it is. Started in the late 1990s [yes a website from the 90s!] TalkBass is now huge! Every greenhorn question has been answered seven times over and it has all the questions you never thought to ask.

For me that question I never thought to ask was this thread: I learned about a thousand things from this thread but one word stood out, listen. Several people posted just that one word, to me that seemed rather duh, until one user said it was more then playing a fret board. [Sorry unnamed user, I went though twenty pages of replies and I'm not looking for your name. That said, thank you so so much!!]

That got me thinking about what I do when set down with Igor; and lucky for me the thought hit me again when I was actually holding my bass. I listened, really listened like when I fall into a song, putting all other senses to a minimum. It was euphoric, really resonating in a way that makes me wonder how a drug high could be appealing. Besides rediscovering how awesome a bass sounds I realized that listening really implied the second most given piece of advice: Slow the [insert expletive of your choice] down.

You can't [okay I can't because of audible processing delays] really hear a note when playing a million a second. You have to slow down to appreciate it. [My, how much like love it is.....I'm starting to blabber so point being is make an account, lurk for a year if need be but one day someone greener then you will ask a question about something you've been though; you reply the best you can and some guy who's been playing for thirty years will say you have gave great advice.

Second best bass related feeling ever.                     

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