Friday, May 3, 2013

DUH! DUH! oh fuck...

My mom's Luke broke out the soldering gun. [I've burned myself every time I've handled a glue gun, me with a soldering gun is a bad idea.] It was a bit hit and go with the spotty soldering gun while I timidly pointed at where the wire went but it got connected.

I plugged Igor in, and nothing. I have a slight freak out and than remember to put in a battery [this will be my last active bass]. Still no sound, not even hand static [before the disconnected wire I could get static noise when my hand was near the wiring]. I could get some chirp like sound when I plugged in the battery, but otherwise nothing. Inspecting the pots again I found another broken wire off a different pot.

Round two the the soldering gun and all wires are clearly connected and still no sound. Even the members of TB think it's time for the doc [tech]

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