Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Why One Must Use a Gig Bag Properly

Igor has been sending his sick time on the stand so The New Guy has had the gig bag. One night I was super tired and really shouldn't of pulled New Guy out [or just got distracted]. When I did call it a night I just slid him the the bag and slid that under the bed [where the gig bag lives] without so much as reaching for the zipper.

Later as I stumble to the bathroom my foot hits something that should not be on my bedroom floor: a bass knob. In a sleepy haze my mind tries to figure out where it came from. [I put all of Igor's back on and they require a allen wrench to remove.] New Guy's knobs can be pulled off by hand but they were on as I tossed him [carelessly] into the bag. 

In the morning I confirmed that the knob was from New Guy [though I have no idea how it left the bag] and as I go to pull him from under the bag the bass just slides out. [The zipper on the gig bag faces the wall so how the knob got out is really a mystery.] 

Lesson learned, zip [use] the gig bag!  

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