Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Polish and Other Things.

Going off Micheal's idea I checked the wire connections again, taking out the pick ups out while I was at it. I had to take out the strings while I was at it and man, are the strings thread bare. It wasn't what he said to check but I discovered I put the second broken wire on the wrong spot. [WAH Wah wah...]

While the bass was string-less I decided to give the rosewood fret board some TLC. I dug this:
[see photo] from some recess of the house. The last item on its list was 'musical instruments' so why not. The fret board had been looking abit thirsty anyway.

I also clipped some the exess before restringing, I don't think the 66's will take another stringing which is a shame since I wanted to try washing strings, but I can't wait to see them go. [Even if I don't have the cash for the next set.]

I'm not sure how he'll sound different with the polished fret board, it's been so long since he's been played and I currently have his strings in not tuned but won't warp the neck tension. So we will see.

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