Saturday, May 18, 2013

Looking for My Tone

Since New Guy is the only bass I can plug in and get a result with, so I decided to hook him up with the amp and play around with my combo's knobs [because that worked out so well the last time]. People on Talk Bass are always tone chasing [trying to copy X bassist's tone in whatever song]. In the same way you always see guys talking about 'that classic Fender tone' that way basses always sounded on records when they were growing up. I grew up in a double bass/prog rock tunnel [if you haven't noticed by my Rush/can my amp knock people over? posts].

So I turned all knobs down and cranked one up to see how it sounds. My one sucky pick up New Guy didn't really react notably to that so I crank two at a time. For me the the sweet spot was Gain all the way up with midway or all the way up Bass. Prefect mug you, punch you in the gut, in your face sound.  

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