Monday, April 22, 2013

Oh Igor

Funky strap lock or not, I decided to give Igor some plugged in love. Since I discovered my cord reaches to my bed, I made up my mind to find out what his knobs do. I found the volume and all was good until I turned it all the way up, and the knob kept turning but the sound died.

I pulled out the allen wrench [because it does so much less damage than a screwdriver, when it's not messing with the truss rod] and took off the knobs. The half nut on all the knobs were loose so I tightened them by hand; but will I twisted the knobs all the way up they loosened again. I took off the back panel [you don't want to know, only lost one screw] and found the bass' pots twisted when I turned the knobs.

Tightening them by hand, I tried and tried but could not get the sound back. I don't know what I'd do without   

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