Sunday, April 14, 2013

I Wood Shed-ed!

I've was listening to Muddy Waters and surfing when I came across a topic about what makes a good bassist; I devoured it. This has been a question I've mulled over in my head several time [I've been thinking of taking off the "Greenhorn" label off this blog].

According to a couple of random internet users being able to nail a walking bass line is a must. Do to my love of Muddy Waters and my ownership of Bass Tab White Pages [I haven't really posted about it yet because I don't use it enough, I really should get on that] I decided to take a shot at it.

I knew my bass book had the sheet music, but I couldn't find the book [a feat considering the book has over 1,000 pages]. So I went on to practice something one person mentioned: kicking fret marker dependence. I played the first fret on each string then the fret below it, back to the first fret then the third fret, so on and so forth until I got fret buzz. [All without looking at the neck, got to the fifth fret on each string before spacing messed me up!] I found that is I started at the seventh fret I could get to the second to last fret without issue. [And who uses those last two...besides maybe Jaco.]

I also think I found a dead spot on Igor, E string, fourth fret.      

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