Sunday, April 7, 2013

Time for the Real Thing

Strap locks wise. Getting real install-able ones will prolong the life of all my straps and there's that peace of mind. I installed a bridge, how bad could strap knobs be? [Cue, dun, dun, DUH!]

I suppose I should drop here. I got my last set of strings from here and they arrived faster then the ones I got from up state [and my state is one of the ten smallest states]. The reviews for this place on are nothing but starring [I also believe the owner is an active member, so that's a bonus]. Prices are on point, if not cheaper with everyone else in the market; you do pay shipping and taxes but there's also a reward system which will get you 5% off an order once you spend $100.

Why am I talking about bass strings online in a post about strap locks? They have them too, cheap. Also the website is straight up about extra charges, unlike most other sites.  For $15 a set I have strap locks that will last me a lifetime. [At lease a risk taking teenage boy's lifetime.]   

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