Monday, April 1, 2013

I'm a weakling

Image from the Graphic Fairy
Upon triple checking that I had the right wrist position I found some tips I'm trying to learn. FretlessMainly talked about lining up your palm with your elbow, and Fergie Fulton linked some video about muting with your thumb and using your shoulders muscle.

I tried to use these methods the other night and discovered you really can't do one without using them all. I was playing Igor, who can be uncomfortable to play sitting down; and keeping my plucking hand's wrist straight was absolutely impossible unless I was keeping my arm up with my shoulder.

I've been in physical therapy for most of my childhood, I know the shaking from weak muscles well, but that was the first time in my life I felt it in my upper body. [And it was instantaneous, which is rare.] I've always known I had low muscle tone in my upper body, but this was the first time it slapped me in that face like that. Hell sitting down I couldn't last playing for three minutes.

[I set down with the new guy and he was much more comfortable to play seated.]        

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