Wednesday, April 3, 2013

I Now [Kinda] Get The Beatles

My mom raised me on rock, prog rock, country rock, alternative rock, plain old rock was known in my head as that kinda lame '60s rock. My mom didn't really help break me of this thinking, she only had one Beatles record back in the day, and it was instrumental. The first version of Come Together I ever heard was the Areosmith cover, and the original still sounds off to my ears.

Sure I respect Paul McCartney [for more reasons then just being a major 1960s rock star and still being alive] but I can only listen to his music for deconstruction's sake, not enjoyment. I'll never forget when I looked up the bassline of Silly Little Love Song and was blown away by how complicated, yet demure it was. [I know that song is actually from the Wings, but you can not separate the bass tone from the bassist.] Maybe it's because I've been raised on in your face basslines, but the second I played my flat wound strings, it clicked.

The brightness of round strings aren't there. The strings are smooth to play, but you have to work to get more then a shush tone out of them, but I get where that tone comes from now. [Holy crap! Just played them with Mary, it's thunderous!] 

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