Friday, April 26, 2013

Well Twist My Arm!

I'm going to uni, I'm in still a teen, I'm a girl who just wants to buy eyeliner once and awhile! Point being, I've been holding off buying a strap for the new guy because I'm poor. I was looking at a $33 Levy's strap [in the $40 range when shipping was said and done with] 2.5 inches, double snitched, leather ect.

I Liked Bass Strings Online on Facebook, and man am I glad I did. A 2.5 inch leather Levy strap popped up on my news feed for $11! My first thought was that it was a typo, the only leather Levy's strap at that size I remembered on that site had padding, and was $50 before shipping. I get the impression that this company is more competent than most so I figured they would caught this before it shipped and but it in my shopping cart.

 It was no mistake! It was on sale from $26 for the model below what I wanted [no double snitching]. It's in black but for $15 I'm not complaining!!! 

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