Monday, April 8, 2013

Strap Shopping

I love my mother. The other day I was showing her the Middle School-er's [not official name] new strings when she asked when I was going to buy him a strap. I have my mother's old strap and I must say, I am spoiled with the leather. I told her I found one for $10 and she rolled her eyes, and told me to buy a better strap.

To Levy's I go, one of the best guitar strap makers with straps under $50. For less than $35 I can get a double stitched, two and a half inch wide strap [half an inch wider then the old one, which I want since the new guy is heavier]. The one issue is that of the nine color options, five are a shade of brown. The other colors are red, blue, white and black [bleh]. The white could work but would get dirty quicker. The red could too easily clash with the bass [along with all the browns] The blue isn't too bad.

But then again, straps are seen mainly from the back and who cares if it clashes [I don't]. The strap with probably outlast the bass anyway.       

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