Friday, April 19, 2013

Glitter is Not Good

Well it seems like I don't even know how to use a screwdriver. I chalked up to the fact that the reason I couldn't get the screw all the way in was because it was too long [even though it was the same size as the old screw]. So I made up my to take out that screw out and use the screw that came with the bass.

Well the screw wouldn't come. In a cursing my dyslexia state I googled images to make sure I was twisting the right way. What I found made my gut drop: I was right. I was trying to be so careful, going so slowly, why wasn't it working? Looking at my screwdriver tip I found silver dust, and the grooves in the screw head looked bigger. Everything stared out fitting perfectly, now I fucking stripped the screw head.

In my weak defense I couldn't see the screw since it was cast in shadow in the strap knob, and I've been fed the 'girls have weak upper body strength' lie so I was going too hard at it [clearly]. But, just, shit. [This was to my beloved Igor.]    


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