Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Using The Margin of Error.

I love the margin of error! It really is the best part of [hellish] math class. Actually I really like anything where something I learn in class applies to life, but this one helped my bass.

This should not of worked, I used two totally different sources off the internet and neither was TalkBass.com. [And most TB members agree, their advice is well meaning at best and laugh your ass off entertaining at worst.] I found a tool on some bass part retail website that said to drill holes 30.882 inches [from what I'm assuming was the nut] with .030 margin of error for the bridge I bought.That number lined up with the top screws of the old bridge, this bridge has no tops screw holes.

So I lined the bridge with the old holes [which were between the new holes, thus impossible to see] and drilled a hole. It was a little low compared to the original holes, but Mom's Luke was sure it was within the margin of error. So I marked all the new holes, noticed I had the dots on a slant, freaked, had Mom's Luke fix it, and now I have a lovely working bridge!!    

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