Saturday, April 13, 2013

Bipolar Weather

I live under the Jet Stream. What does that mean? I live in an area where the "seasons" [in reality days] are ruled by the wind, or whatever happens to gets caught up in the Jet Stream. Within the past week my area has gone from 50 degree [Fahrenheit] to near 90 degrees with 80% humidity.

Basses like consistent weather, they will get piss-y without it. New Guy had his first tantrum the other night. He was acceptably out of tune considering the wonky weather, but simply refuse to get back in line. The change on the metal/wood wasn't little which is understandable, but the E string [biggest] would not get in tune. It was either smacking the fret board or threatening to snap something at D#.

I will admit I was totally punch drunk, and it had be questioning if I had flipped string tuning [again...] but I swear he had an attitude. The next day the weather calmed down and so did the new guy; tuned without an issue.         

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