Thursday, April 11, 2013

I'm Stale [screw bathing suit season]

It's a fact, I've been playing for just over 15 months and I know 0 [Zero] songs. Yeah I have a general idea how the bassline of I Love Rock & Roll goes; but I'm forgetting the top line [first line on a music sheet, I totally made that phrase up] of House of the Raising Sun which is my favorite song to play, and I've discovered I'm forgetting it. This summer I have nothing to do, so why not memorize a song? I've been listening to some stones and I gotta say I love the basslines. [The rest of the songs are abit meh, but good enough for me.]

So there be my summer plans. May they go better then last summer's [not] 10,000 pages, and discovering I'm asexual. Well it looks like I have a goal! [Famous last words...]

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