Thursday, April 18, 2013

I'm Becoming a Man

Strap locks are in! My mannishness is coming from how I put them together: fiddle first, glance at instructions later. [This is going to be a multiple post subject since it's day two and I have one SL on, and two kinda on.]

First Impression: Alot of metal, and seems pretty dummy proof. Push button [watch all the metal pieces fall apart] slide screw into strap knob, screw onto bass, pop all pieces back together and there you go. There are instructions with illustrations for when your struggling to put it back together, it even included where to put the strap tab [which the new guy doesn't have yet].

The instructions also bring up maintenance, lube once and awhile using WD40 and a Q-tip. The instructions also say to drill a new hole...I'm not really following that one, and it's worked for one so far....

[Behold madness.]  

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