Friday, October 26, 2012

This is on the Useless

**This is an old post that has been sitting in my drafts for awhile, pardon my old editing style**

If you've been to any beginner bassist sites you've seen the list of what every bassist needs. Instead of repeating the same old list I'm going to tell you what you absolutely don't need.

1. Bass Playing for Dummies or any other self help book. [Okay this may not be totally be true I've only read the Dummies one] Dummies have been my go to for trying anything new and I gotta say this one felt like a slap to the face. First it ASSumes that you have a friend who plays bass [and will let you manhandle their gear. And why would you be going to a self help book if you had a friend who had half a clue, I mean even wannabe guitarists have enough brains to exchange for a guitar when they mistakenly buy a bass] The maintenance section has lost it. It goes on about washing your hands every time you touch your bass and how you should be careful about wearing down the frets and about filing them. I'm still looking for the paragraph where it talks about putting your bass behind vacuumed sealed plexiglass and playing it telepathically.

2. A bar stool. This is supposedly the best for sitting around and playing any guitar, you know what else works? Any old arm-less chair. I'm considered short by american society and I choose to veto a seat altogether; I spend way too much time on my ass anyway.

3. A music stand, this isn't totally useless but please have something to put on the music stand before you buy it. Case: I'm not into tabs so I bought the best value music sheet book I could find, which happened to be 1024 pages. Point: No average music stand can hold it, I've having a shelf installed to hold it.  

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