Monday, October 15, 2012

Back Order Cord

I'm cheap. Now that that is out of the way you'll understand why I get my cord from amazon. I just ordered my second cord the other day along with a couple other things [strap locks, the new Mumford and Sons CD, and the Of Monsters and Men CD] so I could get the free shipping. Sadly amazon has not everything including my old cord which was a rotosound....five was curly and awesome. [I have no idea how it compares it's been my only cord thus far but it had great reviews and it was only four bucks] I could of gotten it's longer cousin for twelve dollars but for ten I got a fender cord which had perfect reviews.

How did I know it was a good cord? [Besides the great reviews, and that it was made by Fender!!!]  Just like the first cord I got it was sold out when I ordered it. If even the all mighty amazon can't keep it in stock it must be good.

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