Thursday, October 11, 2012

My Handle

When I got my bass I had no one to help me. My mom and uncle would reminisce about all the bass players they knew who got their act together, sold their bass and had started a family a thousand miles away. [They say you can't be a bassist and a grown up, it's true] So when a music junkie friend posted a picture of his music room that included a bass just days after I ordered my bass I took it as a godsend.

I went to a really weird high school, it wasn't even a high school it was a 'tutorial' where kids start in eighth grade and their senior year is when they're fifteen or sixteen. My senior year [age fifteen] the lunchroom went from six tables to four so the the grades and genders were forced to mingle. I believe us senior girls made the wisest choice by sitting with the eighth grade boys. At first it sounds annoying but they really kept to themselves throwing popcorn [the only thing they'd bring for lunch] into they're mouths and comparing lego designs. Until the scary english teacher noticed they're mess and demanded they cleaned up the whole table. [You don't cross that english teacher, ever] So we just set with them so we never had to clean the table.

I never realized how cool Micheal [one of the eighth grader] was until near the end of the year when he forgot his history book in study hall. Faced with nothing to due but school work I of course checked out his book. On the about the author page Micheal had drawn a speech bubble saying "I'm an idiot" and I nearly fell off my chair laughing. [No seriously, it's true, that book was catholic mythology, based just enough in history that you thought it was real until you tried to back up the information with an outside source; it was horrible]                  

Micheal has been amazing. I probably asked him a question a week for the first three months and he always has an answer for me even if it's 'I don't know'. [And I haven't seen this guy in person for four years now] When I got my bass it felt like my own ambition was only a life ring in a sea of  "You are Crazy", Micheal's support has been a solid handle for me to hold to without the nagging questions of why I hadn't stared lessons and when I was going to join a band. In fact Micheal hasn't asked me anything for all the questions I've asked him, guyfriends are awesome like that.

Moral of the story, go to you're non-jerkface music friend even if they're not a bass clef person. Now behold my high school! That's the whole student body one year plus me.


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