Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Picking Picks Picked Pick

While we were prepping to lose power** [Bring on the mocha chunk cranberry brownie sunday!]* my mom came across some thick gauge [is it still called gauge?] guitar picks.  I haven't bothered with picks because my fingers work just fine and not having picks is what makes bassists the most mysterious of rock band members. [Sorry keyboardists] I mean think about it, drummers have their sticks, guitarists have picks and the singer has his water bottles. Bassists if they don't have picks have nothing but they're matching set list. [I've never seen a bassist toss out a water bottle and I've been watching]

I'm really torn about this, I like using my fingers, my callouses are a source of pride, but it is a guitar so why not use a pick? Also I'd love to have one of those bass clef on a pick necklace but the pick thing still irking me.        

*I have Mocha Chunk ice cream that I'll have to eat if we lose power. We also have brownies with dried cranberries.

**[which we never lost] 

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