Wednesday, October 10, 2012

This is just how weird I am.

In case you haven't noticed I'm very fond of the word southpaw [meaning left handed] but I also said I'm right handed. No, it's not a typo, when it comes to everything but musical instruments and bows [as in bows and arrows] I use my right hand.

Again I say genetics. My uncle is left handed but plays drums right handed. Also I have mild cerebral pasty, long story short it's just easier to fret with my right hand and it's just more comfortable to hold the neck of a guitar. This has alot of bonus points for me since I have some dyslexia. [not so much the 'look at a page seeing a scrabble bag' and more of the 'writing a word and forgetting that ltter"] I  see the world rather sphere-ic-ly [yes, I'm making up my own words now] so to me the difference between left and right is 'if you say so'. Look at it this way, I live on the east coast and if I go east I go to 'the west', but if I go west I hit the 'far east'; and I have the confused mind?

Another reason playing southpaw is a bonus [okay this totally goes with the dyslexia so ignore my my totally awkward paragraph break] is that I just mirror every bass player I see. For all the books and online videos I've used, watching bands live has helped most; I mean a $30 concert ticket for a band that might be shit is way more fun then $30 lesson from someone you may not gel with.

[Don't digress, don't digress...I'm talking to myself]  Okay another plus of playing lefty is the cheap guitars! I saved $130 on a bass because it was used AND southpaw. I will gladly take 70% off retail.  

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