Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Males are the majority in music and the post is about how to get over it deal with it.

Every year I go to the PRS open house I always end up shocked by two things: The amount of good hair this event can amass in the state of Maryland [seriously I can go a year without seeing two guys with hair below their shoulders, at PRS you can't throw a stone without hitting six of them!] and the utter lack of females at the event. It's not just that one event, every music store I've ever been in [including best buy musical instrument section] only has attached females, be them wives, mothers ect. I don't mean to sound like a bitter feminist, I'm just stating how it is.

Now for the dealing part: 99.9999999999999999999999999% of it is in your head. Yup, I know some guys will treat you like crap, but ask around and I'm willing to bet that that guy has been an ass to guys too.  Being the minority isn't that bad considering quite a few males don't know what to make of us females*.
There will be sex jokes, but any guy who will call out your curves isn't above calling a man small.

So don't make music into a battle of the sexes, be a musician first, and any real musician will respect you for it.

Not so much

*I just wanted to apologize if I offended any gender queer with my blunt language.       

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