Saturday, October 27, 2012

Strap Locks and Other Shocks

Got off my ass and tried out those strap locks I ordered [and actually arrived]. They're awesome when you consider they were only four dollars and didn't involve major alterations to my guitar; otherwise they are just little bits of plastic I don't totally trust.

Dunlop 7007S(?) Ergo Lok Strap System (just copying and pasting what the website says.)
I did do some mild hopping and swinging and it creaked abit in protest but held. Also when I put the first lock on I turned it too far and it popped off in two pieces, went back together with a literal snap.

Now I tuned my bass and again my A string is hanging out in G AGAIN, and my tuner jumps from G to A sharp AGAIN [I should be happy it was an A at all] and when I got it back in tune, everything after the third fret sounded dead.    

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