Thursday, October 18, 2012

My Relationship with Fender

It's a 'Love, Why Are You So Expensive?!?' relationship. It all really started when I began shopping for an amp.  Walking into the guitar center [avoid the Glen Burnie location at all costs] I had no idea what brand I wanted. I thought Fender was just like Singer, Kodak and Smith Corona; something that was great back in day but took a quality dive in the 80s and 90s and was simply riding off it's name.

Man was I wrong, I plugged into a a 30 watt Rumble and it was by far the best amp in my price range. [By best I mean it had the a great deep sound to it, the kind that could be used at a haunted house for the monster. Yes I meant it when I said I wanted to scare small children.] I was sold, but I'd heard from several sources that I'd need at lease 40 watts to be heard over a drum set. Lo' and behold Fender's Bronco 40 [watt] combo was at the Rockville Guitar Center [Go here if you must deal with a CG] on sale! [Don't you love smart phones?!?]    

So my forever amazing mother drove forty miles from one GC to the other. [This is after driving 25 miles from home to the first GC] When there we were greeted by a smiling face and finger pointed to the bass area. Of course the two largest amps are taken and on full blast so I stood close to the Fender [dumb idea since bass waves are really long] and crank it. It works, the Rumble setting sounds just like the real thing, and after telling the sales guy how far we've traveled for this he got me $20 off!

I was so impressed I vowed the next bass I'd get would be a Fender; then I started looking at ABGs. Fender and Ibanze both have ABGs for $400, for Ibanze it's the top of the line, for Fender it's the bottom. Neither are offered southpaw so...[Grr]      

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