Wednesday, October 24, 2012

String Theories

My cord hasn't shipped yet, so I'm putting too much energy into finding strings. Oh look a message from Micheal good timing, so bass strings should last me a lifetime if I clean them? Then what's wrong with my bass?!?! [Okay so I don't know for sure that anything is broken since I don't had a cord or tuner battery but still....]

Upon research I've discovered that awesome deep booming sound I love gets cooler with heavy gauge stings. Shame my bass' nut can only hold up to "medium" strings. [I'm praying that means .45] Good thing brass strings make a deep sound too! Well look at that, brass strings okay came in .50 plus gauge [Is this reminding anyone else about the chicken vs egg origin question?]  I might try flat wound strings, they're a different sound then what I have now; it would be cool to change my bass' sound with a change of strings. [So much like shoes!]  

I need more information, I should go ask some people who work at local guitar shops. WAIT! According to Twitter I have followers, if any of you are reading this please comment below telling what strings you use (doesn't have to be bass). Even if you don't play anything comment anyway it would be nice to know I have readers that aren't Russian spammers. If you Russians are for real let me know!

Shame these clash with my bass.

These are those. 


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