Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Forward Motion From Backwards

[Disclaimer: I'm on a TFK kick as I title this post, and yes I'm just that impressionable.] Remember this post which I just happened to publish before this post? [And by 'just happened' I mean I thought of and tried first because my mind is just that backward.] Well I put both concepts together and the result was less then disastrous!

I played a random note [which ended up to be B on the D string] and tried to find the same note everywhere else it is one the fret board. I found B again on the G string but on the E and A strings I got within a full step or half step of being right. That means I was one [half step] fret or two [full step] frets from the right one!

There are twelve different notes on a fret board so at worst I was right slightly more then 50% of the time! Maybe I'm not as tone deaf as I thought [or just somewhat logical, yeah that seems more likely].      

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